Entertainment meets Education ..... Ecomagination

Eco- DJ John Hancock  began performing "music with an environmental message" in 1998. He has been featured in various Community Publications showcasing his Environmental DJ Show (Eco-DJ) and has since touched the lives of thousands of children. Shows can be tailored to any aged audience and are perfect for schools and community organizations.

5 Shows to choose from!

  1. The Amazing Water Planet DJ Show: Watch the Rappin' Waterdrop come to life to rap the Water Cycle Boogie! Students learn about environmental behaviors that protect water quality and about personal water conservation. 
  2.  Think and Act Earth Wise! Watch Eco-DJ John Hancock and his Assistant Vanna,  recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum the musical way! This is a perfect show to reinforce the value of recycling.

  3. The Energy Wizard's Show: Watch a silk scarf magically appear inside a light bulb, a real lamp! Students learn how to conserve and recycle to make energy  waste disappear.

  4. The Earth is in Our Hands: Students are entertained with DJ Games, Contests and humor about making good environmental choices about water, waste, and energy.

  5. Mission Possible: Special Agent John Hancock uncovers healthy choices as he motivates students to avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. His show is fast-paced, exciting, and entertaining with a strong "Say No to Drugs" message.  


Eco-DJ John Hancock  entertains with music, dance, games and humor while educating k-6 students with science-based shows that teach and reinforce several Ecology Science standards. Fun and engaging environmental education aimed at changing student's behaviors provides a way to reconnect students with their environment and to instill in them a sense of social responsibility. Merge Entertainment with Education and the kids  they learn about how they can help the environment, the music & dancing will foster a positive "can-do" attitude towards the environment.

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